We’re only a few weeks away from this year’s RED Day and my hope is that we will double our efforts! At least 250,000 hours spent working in our communities and 45,000 associates.

So here’s the question: Is everyone rallying around together to go make this wonderful, wonderful thing happen. I think so!

When you participate in RED Day, your life will be changed to a greater extent than those you have helped. This is going to be a glorious day. I thank you so much for your efforts. I thank you for what you’re doing and the difference you’re making not only in the life of your community, but in your own personal life. We love you.

I hope you’ll talk to your market center’s RED Day Representative to find out how you can get involved and Give Where You Live on May 12, 2011! There is also a page on mykw.kw.com dedicated to RED Day, please visit if you get a chance!

Posted by: myrentsource on April 27, 2011
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